The purpose of this web site is primarily to publicise the life and work of Elizabeth Poston (1905-1987), partly by updating four booklets written under the auspices of The Friends of the Forster Country (FoFC), one of which is, in any case, out of print, and partly by reprinting some of the articles published in the FoFC Newsletter and elsewhere.

A second object is to make available information about the Alabaster family. There are Booklets published for the Alabaster Society about Dr. William Alabaster (1568-1640), James Chaloner Alabaster (1806-1840) and his two sons, Henry Alabaster (1836-1884) and Chaloner Alabaster (1838-1898) and there is an article in the Alabaster Chronicle about my great uncle Edwin Alabaster. These, too are out of print or nearly so.

In some case of transcription of the Microsoft documents of my publications onto this website there have been unexpected changes in format, in particular a lack of pagination (which makes the indexes redundant) and of figures and the addition of underlining of text which have not yet been corrected, it being considered, as Francis Bacon would say, to have something is better than nothing.

John S. Alabaster


Following theĀ  death of my father John in Dec 2022, any enquiries about using his research on Elizabeth Poston for commercial or non-commercial purposes should be addressed to: poston@multitudeofvoyces.co.uk

David Alabaster, Jan 2023

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